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Dongguan Boye Instrument & Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd
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Dongguan Boye Instrument Machinery Equipment Co Ltd is a professional supplier of laboratory in China and one stop supplier of laboratory products was established in 2010 We are specialized in manufacturing and marketing various laboratory products medical disposable products including chromatography consumables spectroscopy consumables thermal analysis consumables Electrochemical workstation products Metallographic products sample prepareing products laboratory general equipments consumbles testing products medical laboratory consumables standards laboratory furniture etc Our products are manufactured by ourselves or by cooperating with some famous factories in China and are extensively...

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Hcl LampLab shakerPTFE BeakerPtfe SyringePvdf FiltersPes MembraneStirrer MixerLab FurnitureMillex FilterTorque testerCryovial tubeNylon SyringeHollow CathodeSyringe FilterFilter MembraneMinisart FilterPP Filter Paper1 Micron FilterMedical SyringeTga Sample PansMembrane FilterQuartz GlasswarePush force gaugeDta Crucible CupFilter for Lc MsPP Syringe Filter13mm Pes MembraneCA Syringe FilterRo Membrane FilterPes Syringe FilterUf Membrane FilterSyringe FiltrationMCE Syringe FILTERCeramic Sample PanAlumina Sample PanOxygen Bomb For ICMini TGA CruciblesSyringe Filter 0.220.45 Syringe Filter293 Membrane FilterHollow Cathode LampFluorescenc cuvetteMedical Cotton Swab33mm Syringe Filter13mm Syringe FilterMce Membrane FilterLab Membrane FilterPes Membrane FilterPTFE Reagent bottlePTFE Syringe FilterPtfe Membrane FilterWheel Syringe FilterPvdf Membrane FilterPTFE Syringe FiltersDisc Membrane FilterTGA Alumina CrucibleNylon Syringe FilterCeramic Tga CrucibleLaboratory Furniture25mm Membrane FilterSingle-Element Lamps47mm Membrane FilterChromatography VialsElectrochemical cell47mm Filter MembraneMillex Syringe FilterN3050186 V LUMINA HCLN3050108 B LUMINA HCL0.1 Um Syringe FilterNylon Membrane FilterPTFE Sartorius Filter0.22um Syringe FILTERGlass Membrane Filter0.2 Um Syringe FilterDiaphragm Vacuum Pump0.45um Syringe FilterAlumina Crucible BoatN3050189 Y LUMINA HCLN3050187 W LUMINA HCLWater Chiller for ICPN3050155 P LUMINA HCLLaboratory Test sieveN3050144 MgLUMINA HCLMicro Filter MembraneMicron Filter SyringeN3050139 K LUMINA HCLN3050158 Pd LUMINA HCLN3050111 Bi LUMINA HCLN3050130 Ge LUMINA HCLN3050171 Sc LUMINA HCLN3050129 Gd LUMINA HCLN3050166 Rh LUMINA HCLN3050148 Na LUMINA HCLSyringe Filters 0.2 UmN3050170 Sb LUMINA HCLN3050137 In LUMINA HCL0.45 Um Syringe FilterN3050157 Pb LUMINA HCLN3050122 Dy LUMINA HCLN3050109 Ba LUMINA HCL99% Al2o3 Ceramic BoatSterile Syringe FilterN3050102 Ag LUMINA HCLN3050174 Sm LUMINA HCLN3050146 Mo LUMINA HCLN3050152 Ni LUMINA HCLN3050115 Cd LUMINA HCLN3050168 Ru LUMINA HCLN3050149 Nb LUMINA HCLN3050173 Si LUMINA HCLN3050172 Se LUMINA HCLN3050103 Al LUMINA HCLN3050182 Ti LUMINA HCLN3050178 Tb LUMINA HCLN3050175 Sn LUMINA HCLSyringe Filter for LabN3050192 Zr LUMINA HCLN3050142 Li LUMINA HCLN3050184 Tm LUMINA HCLN3050135 Ho LUMINA HCLN3050118 Co LUMINA HCLN3050138 Ir LUMINA HCLN3050107 Au LUMINA HCLN3050180 Te LUMINA HCLN3050162 Pt LUMINA HCLN3050177 Ta LUMINA HCLN3050126 Fe LUMINA HCLN3050141 La LUMINA HCLN3050176 Sr LUMINA HCLN3050128 Ga LUMINA HCLN3050190 Yb LUMINA HCLNylon66 Syringe FilterN3050105 As LUMINA HCLN3050150 Nd LUMINA HCLN3050191 Zn LUMINA HCLN3050165 Re LUMINA HCLN3050133 Hf LUMINA HCLN3050161 Pr LUMINA HCLN3050134 Hg LUMINA HCLN3050145 Mn LUMINA HCLN3050124 Eu LUMINA HCLN3050123 Er LUMINA HCLMILLIPORE Filter PaperN3050110 Be LUMINA HCLN3050114 Ca LUMINA HCLMedical Syringe FilterN3050119 Cr LUMINA HCLN3050183 Tl LUMINA HCLTubular Membrane FilterPlastic Membrane FilterSyringe Filter MembraneAcrodisc Syringe Filter5 Micron Syringe FilterDSC Alumina Sample PansMedicine Syringe FilterCeramic Membrane FilterMinisart Syringe FilterOC&Purge and Trap Vials25MM PP Membrane FilterAdvantec Membrane Filter47mm PES Membrane FilterPVDF Syringe Filter 13mmLab Three Way lab FaucetMillipore Syringe FilterTzero sample pan/lid setSpectroscopy ConsumablesThermal Desorption TubesOmnipore Membrane Filter022um Mce Syringe Filter10 Micron Syringe FilterSyringe Filter for Lc MsSyringe Filter Pore SizeLaboratory Lifting TableCeramic DTA Crucible CupThermal Analysis CrucibleSyringe Filter 0.2 MicronMCE PTFE Sartorius FilterPTFE Magnetic Stirrer BarCellulose Membrane Filter25MM MCE Membrane FiltersMillipore Membrane FilterSyringe Filter Nylon66 0.2Nylon Micro Syringe FilterPP MCE PTFE Syringe FilterPTFE Stirrer Mixing Paddle0.22um PVDF Syringe FilterHollow Cathode Lamp In AasFilter for Syringe SuctionAAS V Single-element LampsAAS W Single-element LampsSterile Pes Syringe FilterChromatography Consumables0.22 Micron Medical Filter13mm 0.45um Syringe FilterCA Membrane Syringe Filter0.22 Micron Syringe FilterAAS Y Single-element LampsGLASS FIBER Syringe FilterAlumina Ceramic Sample PanSyringe Filter 33mm 0.45umAAS B Single-element LampsAAS Pb single-element lampAAS P Single-element LampsAAS K Single-element LampsAAS Mg single-element lampAAS Zn single-element lampAAS Ho Single-element LampHollow Cathode Lamp WorkingAAS Tm Single-element LampsAAS Te Single Element LampsAluminum Oxide Ceramic BoatAAS Dy Single-element LampsAAS Ti Single-element LampsAAS Hf Single-element LampsAAS Ni Single-element LampsPhotron Hollow Cathode LampAAS Nb Single-element LampsAAS Rh Single-element LampsAAS Zr Single-element LampsAAS Sn Single-element LampsAAS Eu Single-element LampsAAS As Single-element LampsAAS Tb Single-element LampsAAS Tl Single-element LampsDouble Layer Syringe FilterAAS Ho Single-element LampsAAS Cd Single-element LampsAAS Ba Single-element LampsAAS Sm Single-element LampsAAS Sc Single-element LampsAAS Na Single-element LampsAAS Ta Single-element LampsSyringe Filters 0.45 Micron0.65 Micron Filter MembraneAAS Co Single-element LampsAAS Bi Single-element LampsAAS Gd Single-element LampsAAS Nd Single-element LampsAAS Cr Single-element LampsAAS Ca Single-element LampsAAS Li Single-element LampsAAS Mo Single-element LampsAAS Pd Single-element LampsAAS Sr Single-element LampsAAS Be Single-element LampsAAS Sb Single-element LampsAAS Hg Single-element LampsAAS La Single-element LampsAAS Ir Single-element LampsAAS Ge Single-element LampsAAS Er Single-element LampsLab PP Drip Rack / PegboardAAS Re Single-element LampsAAS Mn Single-element LampsAAS Si Single-element LampsAAS Pt Single-element LampsAAS Ru Single-element LampsAAS Se Single-element LampsAAS Yb Single-element LampsAAS Ga Single-element Lamps0.45 Micron Membrane FilterAAS In Single-element LampsAAS Pr Single-element LampsThermal Analysis ConsumablesSartorius Filter for SyringeCeramic Sample Pan Al2O3 99%Quartz Glass cell for UV/VIS0.2um Sterile Syringe FilterMembrane Syringe Filter 13mmPTFE Membrane Syringe FilterReagent & Glassware CabinetsHollow Fiber Membrane FilterPolycarbonate Membrane FilterPore Size of Membrane FiltersRound Bottom Alumina Crucible25mm Hydrophilic PES MembranePVDF Syringe Filter for Lc MsLaboratory Emergency Eye Wash13mm 0.45um PP Syringe Filter0.22um Sterile Syringe FilterMedical Scissors and tweezers13mm 0.22um PES Syringe FilterMedical Laboratory ConsumablesNitrocellulose Membrane FilterInfrared(IR) Tableting MachineWorking Of Hollow Cathode LampNylon PVDF PES Membrane FilterPolypropylene Membrane FiltersPerkinelmer Hollow Cathode LampMicron Injection Syringe FilterPlexiglass Centrifuge Tube RackHydrophobic PVDF Syringe Filter0.22 0.45 Micron Medical FilterHydrophobic Ptfe Syringe Filter33mm Hydrophilic Syringe FilterHydrophilic PVDF Syringe FilterHydrophobic Ptfe Syringe FiltersMillipore 0.22 Um Syringe Filter25mm Pvdf Sterile Syringe FilterBest Syringe Filter For SteroidsCellulose Acetate Syringe FilterSyringe Filter for ChromatographySyringe Filters For Hplc AnaylsisPerkinelmer W Hollow Cathode LampMicropore Filter Membrane for LabPerkinelmer P Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Y Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer K Hollow Cathode LampCellulose Acetate Membrane FilterAlumina Crucible Of Special ShapePerkinelmer B Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer V Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Ta Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Pr Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Ni Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Rh Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Nb Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Be Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Re Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Cd Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Dy Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Pd Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Gd Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Mo Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Sc Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Nd Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Cr Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Na Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Co Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Ag Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Mn Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Fe Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Ti Hollow Cathode LampSolid phase extraction(SPE) DevicePerkinelmer Au Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Li Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Ho Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Sb Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Pt Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Er Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Ir Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Eu Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer La Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Sr Hollow Cathode LampPore Size of PTFE Membrane FiltersPerkinelmer Ca Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Ru Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Bi Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Ge Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Sm Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Tb Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Ba Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Zn Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer As Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Se Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Sn Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Ga Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Pb Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer In Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Mg Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Si Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Te Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Hf Hollow Cathode LampThermal Analysis Alumina CruciblesPerkinelmer Hg Hollow Cathode LampTGA Ceramic Crucible 70 MicrolitrePerkinelmer Tm Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Zr Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Yb Hollow Cathode LampPerkinelmer Tl Hollow Cathode LampDisposable Millipore Syringe FilterMCE 13/25/33 Sterile Syringe FilterLaboratory Digital Magnetic StirrerSyringe Filter Equivalent to WHATMANPerkinElmer AAS single-element lampsSPE Solid Phase Extraction CartridgeGlass Fiber Fiberglass Membrane FilterPerkinElmer AAS Fe single-element lampPerkinElmer AAS Ag Single-element LampsPerkinelmer AAS Al Single Element LampsPTFE Digestion Tube for microwave vessel0.22um Mciron 0.45 Micron Syringe FilterLaboratory General Equipments and ConsumblesC18 (Capped) SPE Cartridge Solid-Phase Extraction
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